We are Nicole,
Norbert, Hannes and

About Us

We have made it our business to continue the work and vision of Gerhard GRABNER. Due to our diverse professional and hobby interests, we have decades of experience with farm animals, pets, horses and wild animals. Our mission is: We help the animals and inform their people. Be it with our own horses, or farm animals as well as with the passion in hunting. Right behind our stable building we are fortunate to have an approx. 100 hectare hunting area and to be able to go out to take part in the hunt there. We can observe that the roe deer, red deer and wild boar come from far away to consume our salt. But not only here is our passion for wildlife rewarded. Mountain farmers proudly tell us how receptive and vital their alpine.

Our profession,
& Vision's

Our salt also has a positive effect on fertility. Furthermore, the cattle have a healthy coat. We are of course very pleased and encouraged. Why we have decided to continue www.natur-salt.at. As described on the main page, there are many types of salt. But the difference is the taste. Taste or try our salt. Samples are expensive in comparison because shipping is high, but it's worth it!

However, salt alone is not the 100% feed solution. We at www.natur-salz.at have also learned from our mistakes. We have housed our horses in our own stable since 2009. Here we can have a 100% effect on the welfare of our animals and have full control over feeding and the outdoor area (open stable).

Nevertheless, the vet was a constant companion in the first few years. We did everything, really everything, to please our horses. However, none of it helped. When the weather changed and too much grazing came the colic. Mash and other "common" products helped a little, but only provided relief. That wasn't a solution. Sometimes we felt like vets because we knew almost all of the “tricks” to be able to react early. Nevertheless, a visit to the vet is not only expensive, but also stressful for the already ailing animal. It's a science in itself. Of course, every pet owner does everything in his own way, but perhaps doesn't consider that it won't help the animal. We always thought we were on the right track.

Prices & Quality

Animal lovers rush into shops and buy small parts (Klimbim) as if there was no tomorrow. Treats here and toys there. But with essential foods, we take what everyone takes anyway. The animal will consume it too, it doesn't get anything else. If an animal could choose freely, then it chooses as in nature. Animals can smell the difference. Of course you will taste the difference too. During our hunt, we could see that the animals come from far away because they have smelled our salt over kilometers......